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I have noiticed 2 very hard in my scrotum they are not attached to either of my balls, but are connected to the back wall. One is on the left about 5 mm below my left testical and the other is to the right near where the scrotum skin starts. They are both very hard and about 2mm in diameter, although they are attached I cam move them a few milimeters about where they are attached (a bit like very small ballons attached by the knot). They have resently started feeling almost prickely. Could tell me what they are and what I should do about it.



Hi! These could be just anatomical lumps situated on the epididymis, which is a tube on the back of the testicle. Epididymis is a lumpy tube and most often, these lumps could be felt upon examination. As for the prickly sensation, it could very well be psicological.
I suppose you have been picking and picking and touching and became a bit paranoid due to the lumps presence, so the prickly feeling could be a result of that situation.
Another option is that these are spermatoceles, cysts that may form on epididymis, and are most often harmless and asymptomatic. If your symptoms become too obvious, if the lumps start growing, or you start experiencing discomfort or pain, you should certainly see a doc. Also, if you can’t put your mind at ease, see a doc and get over with it.