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I have a few questions about my penis. I have these little white bumps/dots a lot on my shaft and you can really see some when I pull the skin but when I pull the skin there's not bumps but these little red slashes. Are they stretch marks? And today after there was nothing on this one part of my shaft a bump appeared. The bump is smooth but noticeable. And when I masturbate it starts coming out clear but end up having a little yellow in it when it's out and it doesn't hurt but I see the yellow in it. I'm 14 is this normal?


Hi Guest,

Look up "fordyce spots."  I think that's what you see on your shaft.  You could also look up "pearly penile papules" for under your foreskin.  Both are VERY normal, VERY common, and NOT an STD.

It's normal for your semen to change color as you ejaculate.  It's a mixture of several fluids.

The slashes may be stretch marks.  The skin on the penis is very thin and any such marks are often more pronounced.