I am in need of a bit of advice. Around the beginning of September I noticed a very small, shallow lump along the left side of my neck just below the jaw. I would say it is kind of near my lymph nodes. It's not much of a "lump" per say, as it is not visually noticeable. I could only tell that it was there if I touched the area where it was. At first I figured I was just getting a really bad zit, but after a couple of weeks nothing happened. By the beginning of October it had all but gone away. However, just a couple of days ago I had a quick itch in that area and noticed the lump was back again. Not as big as when I first noticed it over a month ago, but definitely there. I decided that when I got home I would finally take a closer look at it. Upon closer inspection I had no idea what it could be for two reasons. 1) It had no "head" or anything like a zit or a blackhead. 2) As I was feeling it and moving it around with my fingers it actually discharged a combination of blood and watery puss. This was really weird, as looking at my skin there was no discharge spot and I hadn't even squeezed it. It was as if my skin just broke open in that spot, even though it didn't actually break open. It looked as though it merely discharged through a pore. I have heard of blind pimples before and was wondering if that is what this was. I decided to try and fully drain it since it took very little effort to do so and it seemed like it was ready for it, and one more gentle squeeze resulted in a large discharge of more blood and watery puss. Afterwards, it merely bled a little bit, but no more puss. I am writing this now about 8 hours later. I can still feel an extremely small lump in the same spot but other than that nothing odd. My question is: what am I dealing with? I have seen everything from a blind pimple to an abscess to a swollen lymph node but none of my symptoms match any of these things because my lump doesn't hurt and never has at any point in time. Everything I have looked at says it should either have a "head" or it should be painful or it should be causing me to feel ill but that is not what I have dealt with. My best guess is either a very deep blind pimple that just happened to not hurt or a slightly swollen lymph node. Any advice on what this could be and what I should do to treat it if the discharge doesn't end up curing it? Thank you in advance.