Quite a TMI question but here goes nothing, and if you shake your head multiple times at my stupidity, I understand.

To start off, I have dermatillomania, or more commonly known as skin picking disorder. So I was washing when I noticed a small, hard, white dot, and a blood spot between my outer and inner labia. I immediately grabbed a safety pin, but didn't think though to sterilize it with rubbing alcohol (this is where the stupidity began, and I screwed up even though it was very late) but did run it under scalding water, and quickly, but lightly, pricked both. The white ball came out without a problem, as I've seen these things appear on my legs and what I did solved the problem without a problem (which, by the way, if anyone could explain to me what these are would be great!), but the blood spot kept bleeding. Now, I've had this problem before, and while it kept bleeding, none of the following happened. Realizing I screwed up big time, I ran for some rubbing alcohol and quickly wiped both cuts (which might have been a problem to, using such harsh solutions), slathered some neosporin on there, and applied pressure until the bleeding stopped. 

I thought that was all. But now, both areas became a bit swollen, are slightly white and hard, and are tender and lightly sting when touch, and I AM PANICKING.

I know I should go to the doctor for this,  but I'm in my teens, don't have that money to spend, and am too embarrassed to let anyone close to me find out what happened. So now I'm wondering, is this just a part of the natural healing proccess? Could this be anything serious that I must get checked out? If not, what can I do at home to cure this relatively fast, and without people knowing? I'm really stupid and I know I shouldn't have done this but I was in that mindset of I MUST GET RID OF IT. Any and all help is appreciated!!