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Im really stressed out and nervous... i woke up this morning to discover this white small idk what to call it on the side of my tounge and like 3 really small bumps on the back of my tongue , i did research and people say it might be oral cancer i havnt had any kind of sore throat in the past week , iv nvr noticed these bumps ever it like happen over night im note sure here are some pictures ...

just to eliminate some of the possibilities

- Im only 18
- I dont smoke cigarettes , iv maybe had 5-6 hookah sessions in the past month but stopped
- Its not an std... im a virgin and havnt kissed a girl ina couple of years
- Kind of hurts a little when pushed against teeth
- It happen overnight i never seen this b4

First pic is back of tongue i only see 3 very small red bumps line in a str8 line

Different angle

This is a picture of the side


Sounds like oral thrush. Take a couple cloves of garlic and chop up and mix with yogurt and eat slowly just letting it burn your mouth 3 times a day for 4-7 days. It will smell bad but it should go away.

And for heavens sake people start eating better. These problems are mostly diet related.


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