Hi. Because I'm currently abroad, and I have in the vicinity are rural doctors (which I have already visited and got no diagnosis from), I'm turning to this online forum as a last resort.

Believe me, I would already at the doctors office back at home, if I could.

I have had two reddish bumps with white tips, with a diameter of roughly 4mm each, on the back of my throat for about 2 months without any other symptoms other than feeling them as lumps when I swallow hard, and them leaving a stinging sensation.

Is this just throat irritation, and a very long flu or should I be worried that it is an STD, or any kind of other fungal, bacterial, or viral infection.

I have tried drinking lots of fluids, honey, and gurgling salt water to no avail.

I'm attaching pictures to illustrate.


Any suggestion or help is very greatly appreciated.