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Well me and my girlfriend were messing around we didnt go all far i had pre-cum and my girlfriend is feeling nasea can she be pregnant or anything i never ejaculated on her


Pre-cum can contain active sperm in most men. You dont have to have penetration to get a girl pregnant. You can transfer sperm by touching your penis and getting sperm on your fingers and then touch her. If you rub your penis against her vagina you can get her pregnant. Sperm can live in the open air until the semen dries out killing the sperm. If you ejaculate on her thigh, above her vagina, or on her butt it can drip down onto her vagina and cause pregnancy. If she was ovulating around the time you were messing around than there is a higher possibility of pregnancy. Wait until her period and if she misses it have her take a pregnancy test. If your going to be having sexual encounters/intercourse you need to always wear a condom from the first moment of play to help prevent pregnancy.