Ok, so I'm going to make this as short and sweet as possible.

I am 20 years old and currently have Chronic PID (for a little over 2 years.) Unfortunately throughout the entire time I never had insurance, so I had to constantly return to the ER for antibiotics and steroids. Luckily I do get insurance in about 2 weeks!

Anyways, so I'm pretty used to the consistent pain - and when it comes time for my period, I know exactly when it's coming due to a distinctive pain. I have been taking Ocella for almost 4 years and still counting, soo my period only lasts for about 2/3 days. HOWEVER; this time, whereas I am on the last pill of the white week, I do not have my period.

Instead, I'm having a pretty serious and sharp ( compared to what I am used to ) pain in my pelvic area, and have noticed being slightly nauseated here and there but no signs of vomiting. I AM bleeding - BUT it is only a very tiny amount, and it is bright pink/light red, not even enough to flow out on it's own. Terrified, I purchased a set of pregnancy tests and have taken 1 so far and it came up negative.

But I am completely frightened that this may be ectopic, but it's not showing up on the test.
I usually wouldn't be too phased since I'm so used to the PID pain, but with no period and this NEW, extremely different kind of pain, I am scared to death.

Please help?