Ok. I'm pretty sure I conceived in July. Around the second week. My last period ended early July . Around the 1st. And about 2 weeks later, I got really light pink spotting, so I didn't really think much about it. But now I think it may have been implantation bleeding. Now I've missed 2 (I've always been pretty regular. No extra stress. Been pretty lazy actually. lol) based on my normal cycle. (I just missed my second maybe a week or 2 ago.)

So, I am estimating I would be about 6-8 weeks. (I haven't taken a test yet. Still waiting for my period. lol)

The other day, I woke up and had really really light pink spotting when I wiped. It happened once that morning. Then nothing. Then today, the same thing happened again. It's not a constant thing though. It only happens once in a day, apparently.

I have had all the symptoms. I am craving crazy things. Sick at the sight and smell of certain foods, and at night, and in the morning, and after I eat. lol. Which isnt common for me. My appetite has increased a lot. I'm hungry in the morning, and my whole life I would only eat 1-2 meals a day. Now I find myself wanting to eat more. I'm exhausted.

It's pretty much typical.

Like I said, I havent taken a test. I was going to this week (just to have the for sure answer), but since this started, I dont know if I still am going to. I will feel stupid if it's negative. lol

I'm just worried about the spotting. Is that normal? Should I be worried? I've read that it's not uncommon, but I just need reassurance. This would be my first so I google everything. lol

Unfortunately I dont have insurance at this point and time, so although I would love to go to the doc to make sure, right now, the best I can do is reassurance and prayer.

Thanks for reading my rambling and any advice is greatly appreciated. =]