okay so I messed up my birth control pill that I have been on for about 5 years... I didn't take it for 2 weeks and started my period which I was also on for 2 weeks... in the midst of being on my period I started having HORRIBLE anxiety.. I woke up in the morning and didn't feel like myself, couldn't make it through a day without crying, couldn't sleep throughout the night, having awful panic attacks... etc. it even began to interfere with work.. i felt as if I couldn't go because I was crying at the drop of a hat. I restarted my birth control pill last Monday so it's officially been one week and I feel much better compared to what I was.. but still have a little anxiety/ feeling on edge. I don't feel excited for the future or any future plans :( I have a few panic attacks here and there... what is wrong with me???? My doctor prescribed me zoloft but I haven't started it yet because I wanted to make sure it wasn't my hormones first. I'm not sure how much longer I can deal with this it's the worst thing I've ever gone through.. I no longer feel like myself. Any similar stories?