So I've been on Lessina for about four years now for incredibly painful and badly places ovarian's cysts...I literally could not sit or lay down without feeling like someone was stabbing me in the groin. It was especially bad the entire two weeks before my period, the pain only lessen on the days I bled. The pill, as well as three Aleve a night has enabled me to live a normal life. The pill also got rid of my raging during that time of the month, and on it I had no real other side effects. No decreased sex drive, no unusual headaches or anything like that. The pill was like the little miracle this catholic girl had been praying like crazy for. I took the little pill consistently for the past for years, all up until I lost them a month back. Whoops. Finished a pack had my period, and then couldn't find the next pack when the time came. Pharmacy wouldn't fill them because I just got them refilled. It took me about twenty days before I found them, and on the last day I started feeling that old pain and got scared enough to rip apart my room.

And low and behold, I found them! Three days after restarting them, however, I was awoken from a dead sleep by the worst panic attack ever...I've had maybe one or two in my life, I think one happened when I switched pill types when my insurance decided to be a jerk, but nothing like this. Racing thoughts, feeling like I wanted to crawl out of my skin - I hadn't felt that awful since I was in the hospital with pneumonia. Initially I thought it was a really bad asthma attack, but my breathing was good and an inhaler did nothing...and then I figured it was a panic attack and focused on trying to calm the flip down. I focused on my breathing, I flipped on the TV, and was able to gather myself. Since then, however, I've been constantly anxious. The worst time is at night, when I try to get comfortable in bed but can't. 

This is very weird for me. I've always handed stress abnormally well - I just don't let things get to me. I've been juggling school, work, home and the world in general with a laid back attitude that's spared me a lot of grief, so to have my brain flip out on me and get all spastic during a relatively non-stressful time of my life was a hard slap to my face.

I studied up and I honestly think it has something to do with my hormones being annoyed after being switched off, on, and then off again, but I haven't completely ruled out some sort of vitamin depletion form being on the pill so long.

Since the insane panic attack six days ago, I've started doing a couple things. I've been taking a 'Stress B-Complex' from naturemade, that has 'key B vitamins and Zinc' and Target's own brand of vitamins 'Calcium, Magnesium & Zinc with vitamin D3'. I've been drinking a lot of Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea, which has passionflower and chamomile, as well as Yogi Kava Stress Relief tea. I'm also taking One A Day Women's Vitacraves.

It's gotten better and I haven't had another panic attack, and the constant lingering feeling of anxiety has lessened to only poke at me after five at night, so that's good. Tonight I've stuffed my face with spinich and a nut mix thinking it might help get those vitamins back in order, as well as downed another four cups of my tea concoction (The two types of Yogi teas, as well as a sleepytime tea with Valerian) and I'm currently only slight anxious.

My question is: Am I going to have another freak out like that, without any real history of them before, or am I going to be back to normal soon - my normal being literally no anxiety? Was the panic attack caused by a hormonal flux? Could it be a vitamin thing? Is there any vitamin or herb I can take to hurry up my hormone's getting back to how they were on the pill?

Any advice will help...I truthfully can't fathom going off the pill because the pain off of it was so bad. I thought about it very serious on those days right after the anxiety attack, but near constant pain, unscheduled periods, and the inability to lay down have kept me fighting to stay on these daily suckers.  Does anyone have any experience going off the pill and then back on short after...and then going back to normal?