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I'm 16, I've never been sexually active and I have really irregular periods. By irregular I mean I never realize when it will be that I get my period. It is march 24th today and my last period ended December 23rd of last year. I have never really had my period be regular before. My first period I had gotten in 6th grade when I was approximately 11 years old. It was really heavy and leashes about a week. I would need a new pack of pads every time I had my period. But now I only need a pack of pads for a year. My periods are insanely light and can last from a few hours to normally two days but the longest period I have had was about two or three weeks. The longest I've been without my period was about 10 months after previously starting my period. I do have a family history of PCOS so the option isn't entirely out. I don't think I should be calling it an option though considering it isn't my choice. But anyways, I am 16 years old, 17 in about 3 months, and I've always had a really irregular period. The thing is, I don't get any symptoms when I get my periods either, no cramps no cravings nothing! I am considered obese, though no to a large point. I am 5'9" and weigh about 230 lbs. I am a bigger woman; I am also, big boned(not using it as an excuse either people have actually told me I have a bone structure many football players have, rude I know but I use it to prove a point) I just want opinions before I try and get my doctor to get me tested. We don't have very much money right now.



as you know yourself, it's normal for periods to be irregular for the first year or two after the first one. But since it's been five years for you since you gotten your first period, I think you definitely have no other option but to see an ob-gyn. It doesn't have to be expensive and all you will need is blood work to determine your hormone levels (sometimes even your thyroid hormones could affect your periods) and an ultrasound to see if you have polycystic ovaries, or some other visible issue either with your ovaries or uterus,

Wish you all the best,