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I am a 27 year old female who for almost a year has had such an extreme weight loss and ridiculously abnormal bm with horrble stomach pain all the time.....i am in the bathroom at least 12 times a day and have been through every test out there...i have had xrays ct scans colonscopy and endscopy with biopsies i have now been to 2 specialist and no one can tell me whats wrong ive had blood work drawn every week and stool samples and urines done im now on to a pill camera to try and find the problem im tired all the times and weak due to my body not absorbing anything im down to 110 pounds and im 5 foot 6 chrones and ibs and celiacs have all been ruled out can someone please write if they have any clue to what this i see so many things in relation to this problem and everyone else has as much luck as me...i cannot function normally and its taking over my life someone please help!!!


Hello - I am a married, 45 year old male. I have experienced many of your problems, starting 9 years ago and progressively it has gotten worse. I have had ever test imaginable and was ultimately diagnosed with IBS, which doctors believe is stress-induced and are trained to tell you "it's in your head" and they usually recommend exercise, more fiber in your diet, etc. I can't accept that for many reasons. For the past 2 years I have not even been able to work. I exercise regularly, don't drink, am not overweight at all.

Here's what I suggest, even though you say you don't have IBS: I just went to an IBS and Food Allergy Specialist. This doctor took 30-40 min. listening to my full "story" from the beginning, took lots of notes, drew some blood and had me do a stool sample kit - both of which I've done many times. He is testing for a wide-range of food allergies and is doing a DNA profile of my stomach bacteria, testing for many different parasites, etc. I will be discussing the results at the end of June. Dr. Wangen was very professional, caring, and he's heard my story a million times. He is a REAL doctor who specializes in finding the root cause(s) to these problems. I don't know if he can ultimately help me yet because the test results don't come in for another 3 weeks. Once I find out the results, I will update on this website.

I am not affiliated in any way with this doctor. I flew from Chicago to Seattle to see him. This doctor has a 95% success rate with our type of debilitating problems. His name is Dr. Wangen and his website is: I can tell you that he is not a scam. I urge you to go on his website and read everything about him, the work he does, patient testimonies, etc. and consider seeing him. He even posts all pricing and services.

Do not give up hope. I know there are probably days you may not even want to exist, but don't let that get the best of you. I let doctors lead me around for years only to tell me it's "in my head". Now I've taken control and truly hoping this doctor can help me.