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Im a 18 year old female and i just recently had sex with ny boyfriend. We've been together for three years and sex was great. When he wants me to come first , i use vibration for my clit as he penetrates me. When i reached climax , we f**k even harder so he can come. But the thing is ; i didnt get wet ! After coming, id get really wet. But now its been really dry and he just lost the feeling of even wanting to come. Ive felt like its my fault .. I dont know whats wrong with me .. Help is really greatly appreciated. I dont want our sex life dull .. );


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When he wants you to come first, YOU have to do something to make that happen?

That's HIS job!!!!

I think he's putting all the responsibility of doing it the way he wants, on you. That could be stressing you so that you just shut down.

I never felt it was my wife's job to make herself come first. When I figured out that the only way she would get to come during sex was for her to come first because if I put it in first I would come too soon, I figured it was MY job to make her come, not hers. For me that's the best part of sex, me making her come. That's the best satisfaction I can have.

By the time I was through, she was plenty wet.