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Hello, I was having some trouble last night and I was wondering if anyone here could help point me to what the problem might be. I tried but they didn't seem to quite get at what I was feeling.

I woke up last night with the feeling that there was something very big stuck in my throat. It started at the middle of my chest and slowly ventured down to the bottom right above my stomach where it felt like it got stuck. At that point it was very painful and felt like it was applying pressure and about to rip something open.I immediately got up and got a few drinks of water to try to ease it out. It felt like it slowly faded away though, not like it left. The sensation of something there slowly faded, not instantly as if it was actually stuck and finally got through.Anyway, I sat there sitting upright for a while and I began to feel something very light at the top back of my throat, right behind my mouth. It felt like a tiny version of what I felt in my lower throat. I quickly ran to the bathroom to see if there was something there but there wasn't.I went back into my bedroom and laid down on my bed. Right when I swallowed, I felt a small version of my previous "object" start venturing down my throat again. It seemed to dissipate in pressure and size as it slowly made it's way down, and never got stuck. I took a few more drinks of water and gargled a bit and it felt slightly better, but the sensation came back a few seconds later. So I laid down in my bed and hoped that it did not get any worse. I feel asleep while I had the feeling of multiple objects passing through my throat.

I woke up, and didn't feel a thing. Now, I'm writing to you in hopes that you may help me find out what was going on.



Your case seem a serious one. If it happened once, it can happen again. Please do confirm from a doctor before reaching any conclusion.