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This may be kind of long, and I apologize but appreciate your time!


For over 72 hours now, I have had the feeling of something stuck in my throat. It all started around 11pm one night when I shouldn't have been eating, and I was heating up leftovers from chipotle and I went to eat a piece of cold pulled/shredded pork. Well I had eventually gone to sleep at FIVE in the morning later that night. Well The next night things were worrying me. So I went to the ER, I have gone TWICE within only 24 hours of the 72 hours. Well, the first doctor, looked down my troat, couldnt see anything for as far as he could see down there. He gave me some Maalox with a numbing agent, well that set off my Panic Disorder bad because i felt like I couldn't swallow or anything but it actually did help. I couldn't feel a thing. So they did X-rays, they couldnt see anything at all. Well he told me to get through the weekend and call my Doctor first thing Monday to get into an ENT. Well it has got worse, I went again and both doctors at the ER think it would be really weird if there was still a piece of food in there, becasue it should have dissolved. I am just confused when i get a good cough sometimes I swear it feels like something is coming up. But with everything I have tried since this has all happened, I haven't been able to get anything up and if it went down I certainly didn't feel it. As time went on, the heartburn and acid reflux is just getting worse. I am stressing a lot of this, and it is setting off my anxiety/panic pretty bad. I try to relax but I am just really worried, it is pretty bad heartburn and I am not someone to get that, it has rarely ever happened. When I drink anything I burp constantly, sometimes I get those "wet burps", so gross. Every time I swallow, even just my saliva, I feel that feeling of something there. I have a lot of burning sensation in my throat, and in my chest. Have some dry coughs, and when I sit or lay certain ways it makes it so much worse and sometimes breathing feels short. 

I would like to add my tonsils have been gone for 20 years so I know it's nothing to do with that. I haven't been choking on any food or anything, its just been more difficult to swallow. It takes a lot for me to get comfortable at night and fall asleep. If you have any questions about something I might not have added, feel free to ask.

I just want to know if anyone else has had this, what it may be, and if I should be so worried..


I think you should make an appointment with an ENT immedately to try and resolve this problem. My name is loraine and I have had the feeling of something stuck in my throath for quite some time, which never seems to get better no matter what time of day or night it is. At around age 25 after having my son, I woke up to this huge lump in my throath, I saw my PD who immedately send me to see an ENT doctor who was shock by the lump in the middle of my throath,it was biopsy and was not cancerous and I was schedule for surgery. Several years went by and now I am presented with the same feeling of something stuck in my throath now its to the point where I am unable to talk,my neck and throat is swolen, loss of weight, nausea, no appitite, fatigue,pain in my neck which causes me to pass out. I had a sonogram done and they find a mass plus swolen thyrois, had a fine niddle procedure done and awaiting the results, now I have also a barrum test schedule and a EMG after this I don't know what is next. Plus a had thyroid nodule surgery done before. so i can understand you fustration just hang in there and pray and see your ENT as soom as possible hope all will be okay.