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I have been experiencing what I believe to be something stuck in the back of my throat or esophagus for about 2 or 3 days now, and while I think I do have the money to go to a clinic, I am worried that doing so will prove fruitless, as I have no medical insurance. I can't tell whether it is a lump or stuck food, but after a lot of eating and drinking and it not going away, I'm unsure of what to think.

Prior to this I had a sore throat for a week, but it felt like it was right at the top of my throat and was maintainable thanks to throat drops. Then for some reason it virtually went away and now I have this sensation of something stuck much further down that is beginning to make me worry. I don't have any elaborate medical history or illnesses, or diseases. I don't smoke and have maybe smoked weed a couple of times in my life over a period of several years, so I don't think that would cause it. I have tried to reach down my throat to feel for it or even inducing vomitting to cough it up, and as of this posting, doing so has yielded a lot saliva and mucus, some of it bloody. The previous sore throat is also still there, albeit not as worse as before. Any kind of advice or insight is most appreciated.


go to a doctor. he'll tell u everything u need to know. it could be some kind of throat infection. but im not a doctor. u should ask as many people as u can about it and c what they think. i too have the feeling of something stuck in my throat, but i think its just a fingernail. what i did was just google my problems and c what comes up. apparently a lot of people hav this kind of problem. good luck and god bless.