I have 4 sores on my penis. They look like blisters almost, and they don't really hurt at all. My penis definitely smells more than normal. Now, I've had sex recently and there was one sore a few weeks ago which healed. But I had sex on a friday night and at the time it really really hurt when I was entering her vagina and I could feel that pain. Then on saturday, I masturbated for quite a long time and noticed my penis was really sore after that, but I really didn't notice much. Then on sunday I noticed the 4 sores and they look like they have like pus on them like they are trying to heal. It also hurts a bit when I pee, but that is from when I was masturbating becuase I could feel I was sore already, but I wanted to climax so I shoulda stopped but I didn't. My main question is, could I have ripped or torn the skin just under my penis head and at the top the shaft from the rough sex and masturbating? I questioned the girl I had sex with about any STD's and she said she has been tested and didn't have any. It seems the sore last time healed in a couple of days from the previous rough sex, so am I over reacting?