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Hi everyone.

I am currently 17 years old and I started masturbating in the "prone position" (lying face down, rubbing penis against rough surfaces like couch fabric, bed fabric, etc) 4 years ago (in August of 2006) when I was 13 years old. I've been doing it daily ever since.

But over time, I noticed that I developed a sort of friction burn both on the shaft of my penis and on the foreskin (I'm not circumcised). It is light red, and it runs the entire length of the shaft from where the head of the penis begins (on the foreskin) to where the scrotum begins. It starts off very thin on the foreskin (with a width of about 0.5 cm, or 5 mm), and gets wider as it nears the scrotum. It reaches its maximum width near the scrotum (where it is about 2.4 cm, or 24 mm wide).

I know this CAN'T be an infection for the following reasons:
- It doesn't hurt to urinate.
- It doesn't hurt to retract the foreskin.
- The affected area does not hurt and does not itch.

I've been to many doctors over the past 4 years and they've all said that it's nothing serious, and they've all prescribed the same things to me (either Vaseline or hydrocortisone cream). But obviously neither of these things have worked beacuse the friction burn has NEVER healed.

Even though the friction burn doesn't cause me any physical discomfort whatsoever, it is really BOTHERING ME MENTALLY. I mean, it's been FOUR years and it hasn't gone away. So I'd like you guys to tell me if you think this is PERMANENT SKIN DAMAGE (from excessive "prone" masturbation), or if you think there is still a chance that this could be healed.

Are there any other STRONG products that I can use for this friction burn to completely heal once and for all?


It is doubtful that this is a friction burn you are describing, because it hasn't caused you any pain.
It it was such an abrasion, it would have scabbed over, and wept, and gone through a healing cycle before forming what you are seeing as a scar.

it is entirely possible that you are observing a normal seam, or the ridgeline where your two halves of your body join. It is NOT unusual for a line to run down the dorsal side of the penis from the head to the scrotum.

The fact that you've enjoyed masturbation for years, and have not complained of pain in the past, indicates that this is not a serious issue, except that you are obsessing over it.

Try some aloe vera or first aid cream if you like.
However, it doesn't appear to be a wound, and so, is not likely to have a problem healing.



Try Bioskincare, i had a friction masturbation burn for 3 years, tried tons of creams and etc. and this is the only one that has ever shown results. 2months after starting to use it, my 3 year old burn mark is 60% healed!! the only downside is the price, but trust me when i say you will not find better results (if any results) anywhere else. message me for details if you still have questions, eager to help! ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** private e-mails not allowed*** Please read our Terms of Use


i have the same thing man, been to the doctor and the stuff they gave me didnt do anything.. tried all kinds of stuff, nothin seems to work on me



I had a friction burn on my penis head. It would turn red, then scab over, then look ok a day or two and then do the same thing over again. This went on for 3 months. I had STD tests that came back fine. First doctor prescibed bacotine or something like that, it did not work, second doctor told me to keep vasoline on it, that did not work. I tried aloe, hydrogen peroxide, neposporin, psorisin, even vagisil and soaking it in oatmeal, nothing worked and I thought my life was over. The third doctor prescibed an anti-fungal cream called Clotrimazole Betamethasone Dipropionate Lotion and it healed up within a week!!! It was expensive $120 for a small bottle but I would have paid 10 times that!!!!