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My daughter had a complete spinal fusion 3 years ago due to Scoliosis. She has 2 screws in each verdebra and 2 metal rods running the length of the spine. She is now pregnent and due in 6 weeks. The OBGYN as not been able to answer our questions. Can she have an epidural? Will she be able to push adequatley? Or will natural birth be too much stress on the spinal fusion? I asked about a C section. He is not even sure she can have a spinal block. What can you tell me about Delivering a baby after a Spinal Fusion. LoL6K1


How did it turn out???? I had my surgery in Feb '12 and am now 19 weeks pregnant (sept '12). I've had three normal childbirths before (2 with epidurals), but now I'm really getting nervous about this pregnancy and upcoming childbirth.