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My 12 year old son started Jr. High three weeks ago and about a week before began waking up in the middle of the night with abdominal pains/gas. Also has some diarrhea and has thrown up a couple of days in the morning. We're not sure if its stress (he also began every night football practice at the same time). Have seen his ped doc who did stomach x-ray as well as full blood panel. Those came back normal except for slightly elevated white blood cell count which could be due to his allergies (he has asthma/allergies and takes Singulair as well as Claritin). Thought at one point maybe drainage from allergies was causing upset stomach. We have to collect stool sample just to rule out giardia even though we haven't been out of country, camping or anywhere he might pick a parasite up. We have an appointment to a ped endocrinologist to check for reflux (my husband has Barrett's esophogus and has had free flow reflux for years) but can't get in until October. Anyone have any ideas. We're at a loss. Could this be stress???


im 12 and im female i am having the same pain not with the trowing up yet i dont even know whats up with me