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I have had three recent attacks of nausea after eating meals on long plane flights. At first I thought it was food poisoning. I had meal and within an hour I felt little abdominal pressure, then felt sick, and barely made it to the bathroom. I have vomited and had diarrhea during these episodes. I also sweat profusely when having one of these attacks. I have to say the attacks are most unpleasant - rank up on 10 scale of discomfort but it isnt a sharp pain its more like being sick without ability to throw up.

Pain in my abdomen is dull. I have had increased number of these attacks every time I fly. They have been less acute but now I have stomach discomfort and slight sweating that has lasted a couple days. I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow. Any ideas what this might be.


If you have had these attacks only after eating food on the plane on a long flight, it is either the food that was to blame or you were suffering from motion sickness, or a combination of both. Try to eat a full meal next time just before you fly, and try not to eat so much in flight. You can also take anti-nausea medication before your flight.