Okay, I need some help please? I've been ttc for about 5 months. First let me say my menstrual history. My period is usually painful the first day and heavy the first 4 days then light. I had my period April 30th- May4th. My next scheduled period was the 28th of May but I had sex because it hadn't came yet. My period came 6 days late on June 3rd- 8th which I had no cramping, another period Jult6th- 10th again less cramping and recently my period came 2 days early ( never has it been early before) and lasted from Aug7-9th and I've had spotting since, dark brown, one day it was redish brown, and stretchy. I took a test on the 13th and it was negative. I have been having back pains and stomach pains for a month or so. Cant lay on my stomach, painful to lay on my back and sides. I have an appt Sept12th I just wanted to get opinions and if anyone else has been in this situation..