I have been on apri birth control for about a year now..but one month I went off of it and during that month I had unprotected sex numerous times but he pulled out all the time about 3 weeks ago I had what I thought was a normal period but after it stopped about a week later I started spotting for about 2 days...I've gotten back on my birth control and I'm on the week above my sugar pills if I'm pregnant should I stop taking the pills and just wait to see if I have a period...lately I've been feeling very tired and have been peeing a lot more than usual...I've been having what are like menstrual cramps here and there too I haven't had much nausea but randomly sometimes il feel like I need to vomit or my cervical area will just start hurting...I don't know about the darker areolas because I don't understand that but I just need some advice please