Hi people of this valuable forum,

I'm kind of freaking out. I have always had regular periods (next one 1-2 days late) but now something seems to be wrong. I'm a virgin and I tried to have sex beginning of July. It was unprotected and he couldn't get inside (because it hurt). He didn't ejaculate on the area or anything like that. This happened a day before my expected period, and then my period for July was 4 days late and shorter than usual (2.5 days, normally it is 3.5-4). On August, I had my period in a regular way after the July one (So, it was 1 day later). After about 12 days, I noticed spotting... It was very light and almost pinkish/brown. I noticed this when I wiped myself. This lasted about 5 days where about 3rd day it began to be darker brown. There wasn't any odor and it seemed like blood. I went to a doctor and had a swab test done, which came clear.

And now, I was supposed to have my September period but it's not coming! It's been 10 days and although I felt the symptoms to some extent at the beginning (feeling sore breasts, little cramping and bloated stomach), it doesn't feel like it's going to come at all now. After I came across pregnancy when I googled my problem, I did a HPT, which came out negative. What could be wrong with me then? Please help!