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i have recently found out that im infected with claymidia and im so embarassed and i feel so disgusting. im so mad just the fact that i might have had gotten it from my ex.because i have just been with him and one more person and i berly started being sexually active.
i hate him because when i found out wich was today i called him i just told him to get checked he just replyed that it wasnt from him it migh of been from the other guy. he was being ignorant. i was telling him because his dirty he has sex with any stranger and plus i had sex with both guys almost around the same time so he should have it .

but anyways i was wondering alot of things if someone can aswere my questions that will be great!...
i just resently find out i was infected why is that they told me i had to get an untrasound even if i know im not prego.
how long does it take to get rid of it? should i tell my mom? how would you know if u got the bicteria in your mounth?


Chlamydia infection is easily treatable with antibiotics and there are two options for the teatment - either you get one pill, or you take two weeks log course of antibiotics. After the treatment, you will get a checkup after two months to see if the infection has completely cleared out of your system. And antibiotics will eradicate the infection no matter if its spread to the mouth or if its only located in your genital area. You having the ultrasound is probably unrelated with this infection. And, whether you should tell your mom or not depends on kind of relationship you two have and how old are you - no one around you is in any danger of getting infected because Chlamydia is only sexually transmitted.