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HELP ME I was diagnosed with chlamydia on Thursday and was given a week worth of medication but only half way through my mate went down on me tonight and then kissed me straight afterwards does this mean I've infected him and myself with chlymedia in the mouth ???!! Also I gave him head and hand but I have a weird smell on my hand does this mean I could have infected myself with two bacterial!


Did the doctor give you specific instruction regarding kissing and sex?  There are different kinds of chlamydia and not all of them are associated with sexual activity.  It would seem to me the doctor should have covered this specifically if yours can be transmitted sexually.  If you are young s/he might have assumed you are not having sex.  That would be not be a smart assumption these days.

In any case, this is fairly easy to treat. So he might have to take some antibiotics like you are.  You should be fine, since you are ready being treated.  If it is possible discussing it with your doctor would help make sure you know what you can do and what you have to temporarily avoid.