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hi! Is angular cheilitis a sign of an std or hiv? 


i kissed my boyfriend.. And I've had angular cheilitis for the past.. Maybe week.. I'm on my period as well. Could it be a symptom of my period? Anyways.. I kissed him and the last thing I intended or wanted to to was give him an std or HIV... 


Any advice?


thank you


First, you do not have an STD or HIV, at least not as it relates to angular cheilitis.

 Angular cheilitis often represents an opportunistic infection of fungi and/or bacteria, with multiple local and systemic predisposing factors being involved in the initiation and persistence of the lesion. Such factors include nutritional deficiencies, overclosure of the mouth, dry mouth, a lip-licking habit, drooling, immunosuppression, and others. Treatment for angular cheilitis varies based on the exact causes of the condition in each case, but often an antifungal cream is used among other measures. It is a fairly common problem, and is more prevalent in people without any natural teeth who wear dentures, and in elderly people, although it may also occur in children.