Dear Friends,

Is ELFA-Vidas a reliable test for HIV?

Tests: Got tested on 20th April’07 (10 weeks after last contact) for HIV using ELFA – VIDAS method; result – negative (it says 0.03; > 0.25 is positive, <0.25 is negative).

Got tested for Syphilis twice (20th Apr & 29th Apr) using TPHA method; result: indeterminate both times. Doctor advised 2.4 mg Penicillin injection which I had. Moreover, would getting a penicillin injection for possible syphilis mask my chances of HIV antibodies detection in future? I had a penicillin injection on 29th April'07

Situation: During Nov’06, Dec’06 & Jan’07 (last sexual contact around 4th Feb’07), I have had sexual contact about 9 – 10 times with 3 - 4 call girls (1 or 2 of them I now remember had purple colored tongues & 1 or 2 sores around the mouth/lips). My sexual contact included lying nude with the girls, sitting on top of them both ways (Tummy up & tummy down) & vice versa, taking & giving them nude body massage, sucking & licking their boobs, some licking & kissing on the body (never lip to lip) including breasts, face, arse etc., 3-4 times fingering the girls in their vagina; my penis tip has touched their arse lip or vagina lips but never had any intercourse with any girl except once using a condom for a 3 minute duration (woman on top); drinking alcohol from same glass; everytime I got the girls to masturbate me with their bare hands.

Since last 2 months I have been displaying all the common HIV related symptoms like..itchy rashes, pinprick & needles sensation, enlarged lymph nodes, very dirty tongue with a whitish yellow thrush-like coat, Body pains,3 Kilos weight loss in 3 weeks, Semi solid stools twice a day, Continuous hair like cuts/grooves on both sides (not top or bottom) of my tongue..

Have I contracted HIV & do I need to test for HIV using ELISA or is ELFA-Vidas test better? What other Sexually transmitted diseases could be associated with the symptoms which I am experiencing?