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Okay I don't know what's going on, I don't know if it's because of the birth control I was on or if it's because I'm pregnant but about three weeks ago is when I first started feeling sick at first my nipples were really sore but that only lasted for a week and then I started getting sharp pains in my breasts that felt more like really bad heart burn but in the form of sharp pains. My stomach started hurting as well and actually still does, I even get the sharp pains in my breasts still.

I'm not throwing up or anything but I am feeling nauseated constantly, morning, day and night. My stomach constantly hurts, too. I was on a diet and so I figured that's why i was losing weight, not like I weigh all that much anyways but i still wanted to lose a little pounds well I was doing great, losing weight cause of my exercise but now I am still doing the exact same thing i was when i was losing weight and it's like instead of losing it, I'm gaining it. I've gained 5lbs in the last few weeks and I'm still doing the exercising and what not that I was doing to begin with.

I haven't had a period since March 15, 2007 which means I didn't have a period for April like I should have. I'm worried that I could be pregnant cause everyone is telling me that I am considering all my symptoms I'm having and the major fact that I haven't had a period since March. I'm about 2 weeks late so I was hoping to take a pg test to make my worst fears go away so I went to my gyno to switch BC and normally they'd make you take a pg test just to be on the safe side so they asked me when the last time I had my period and I told them it was on March 15 and they asked if I had one in April so of course I told them no but they just gave me the BC without giving me a pg test which I know that by law they are suppose to just in case someone is pregnant.

Could I really be pregnant or do y'all think it might have something to do with my BC I was taking?


Hey guys I'm a 16 year old female I am on the jab and has just started feeling the heart beat type thing on the left side of my belly button when I lay down when I put my hand on it my hand moves to idk wat it is could same one pls help me in starting to stress out