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I felt a stinging sensation at the head of the penis the day after i had protected sex. it has been 6 months and the pain is still there. I have been tested for STD's and are all negative. Seen an urologist and he doenst seem there is nothing there. I get the pain mostly lying down or just relaxing. It doenst burn or sting when i pee. need help


hello i understand the way you are now cos i know what it means to experience what you are experiencing friend had that same experience one year ago and the Drs here had nothing to do but the pain was there.anyway,he treated his thanks to one of our family friends who is currently in africa.he is carrying out his reseach on after we explained the situation to him,he shiped to us a park of herbs and after a week he was ok again.he has never complain of that again.

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