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i am 31 years old lady  and i have been in a relationship for 6 month and in the 4th month ,my boyfried told me he wants to marry me he wants to settle down and have a famly with me .

i became pregnants when we were 6 month in the relationship ,well we had  unprotected sex then i took the morning after pills ,it was a suprise couse they didnt work .

when i told him that i was pregnant we were on our way to a vacation and he was upset and told me we cant keep the baby i must abort ,he said he is not ready he wants to do things the write way get married first and we must buy a house then we can have a baby .

Yes i agree we ddint want this to heppen hance i took the morning after pills after sex .but i didnt like the idea of having an abortion .i told him yes things wont be they we plan them all the time but since we are on a process of becoming husband and wife why do i have to have an abortion ?but he kept on insisting that his not ready .

When we arrived at the hotel i made an appointment ,at the abortion clinic ,i didnt sleep and i just ddnt want to see my self as a single mother and .i just thought forcing to have a baby i will end up as a single monther .

i had an abortion and a day after my boyfriend was so drunk kept on swearing at me .i told him not to peak to me with that tone to please respect me bcs i also respect him he said i must" f**k of he will speak to me way he wants to ."!

i left the hotel and because i ddnt want to argue with him i went out to get some fresh air and when i came back i found him with my bags at the door and he told me to leave the hotel.

it was around 10 pm at night i didnt have money we  came with his car i was helpless.the lady at the hotel reception who works there helped me and took me home with her ,i called him and told him i want the rest of my things which was in his car ,he locked the door and refused to give me the car keys and to open the door for me,i told him im going to call the police he said "call them ,"uuuuuuuuuuuuuuk you ,u are the same as them fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk yoooooooooooooouuuuuuuuu !!!!! that was his response .

the next day he was sorber and said his sorry but i really didnt want anything to do with him ,i cant explain the pain i felt ,seing myself been thrown out like a dog after he said i must have an abortion ,

and now he is apologatic and telling me he was stressed and his sorry he will never do what he did to me again.he ddnt mean to do what he did .and he said i pushed him its my falt

its hard for me bcs i dont trust him anymore and im scared of him ,i told him to give me some space to think and heal but he is on my neck telling me i dont care about his feelings since he cant eat or sleep due to stress .

i need an advise cos im a afraid if i forgive him ,he will do it again


Honey, I'm picking up some signs that this relationship may not be good for you. If this guy has the audacity to make you abort your child and curse at you while drunk, then you need to leave him and look for a guy who will give you the love and warmth you deserve. Another thing, don't beat yourself up about the abortion, yes you've done something terrible, but If it's one thing I know, it's that His mercy is deeper than any sin. Plus, He doesn't want to see you in this situation. That's all and if you need anything else, feel free to ask.