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I'm 17 years old. So it all started when I was showering at night time. I pulled my foreskin to clean the head of my penis with soap and water. When I was rinsing off the soap i felt a sharp stinging pain a little of the inside in my urethral opening. I panicked and rinsed as fast as I could so I can get out of the shower. I don't know if it was a little bit of soap that went inside where pee comes out that caused the stinging pain. As soon as I got out of the shower the pain wore off. I wanted to pee a little to see if the sting like pain would came back. I urinated a little but the sting like pain came back. I was scared. So I waited until I had to pee again. It was 11:30pm almost an hour when I last showering and urinated. I went to go urinate but there was no pain. After I urinated I went to bed. Woke up the next morning which was 9am. I went to use the bathroom to urinate but there was no pain, I was glad. About 4 hours later I masturbated. After ejaculating I felt a small sting. Does anybody whats happening? I'm going to see my urologist in 2 weeks about something else, But this situation occured. Can this be an infection? Plz someone respond im stressed out:(


Hi Ayden,

I think the initial pain was likely due to the soap.

You could have a chemical type of burn from the soap in your urethra. 

I don't think it is serious or that it will continue.  The odds of it being an infection, from the soap, are very low to non-existent.