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Since the middle of December 2010 I have had the following symptoms with some others being added:

Upper Abdominal Pain (after eating, morning, and night) (wakes me up at night)
Throbbing in the abdominal area
Abdominal spasms
Gurgling noises coming from my abdomen (especially after I eat)
Constipation (up to 5 days without a bowel movement, I then take a laxative)
Changing bowel movements (size and color)
Pain/Pressure pushing my rib cage out
"Acid" type taste coming into my mouth
Lump feeling in my throat
Tickling throat with constant mucus
Loss of appetite

I don't know what else to do. The doctor's tried Nexium which didn't work. I'm now on Miralax and Colace. I was having more bowel movements, but now it doesn't seem to be working. I just increased the dosage of Colace and will do the same with Miralax tomorrow. As you can see I'm up writing this at about 3a.m. I have been in bed for 4 hours trying to sleep, but can't. I have a colonoscopy scheduled for March 1st, but can not stand the pain. I feel like crying constantly. Please Help.


Hi! I'm not a doctor but this sounds like irritable bowel movement to me. Have you tried changing your diet? Since you can't use these laxatives forever :-( Don't be afraid of the colonoscopy, no mater how unpleasant it is, it will help your doctors rule out what's causing you all this.


I have the same symptoms. How did the colonoscope go?