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I've had upper abdominal pains, mostly on the left side where the stomach is, for a year now. It's accompanied with nausea, loss of appetite, tiredness and occasional vomiting, and as a result, significant weight loss. In the last few weeks, these symptoms that I've been dealing with, got a lot worse.

Between December 2009 and March 2010 I saw doctors. Gallstones were ruled out, stomach ulcer medication was given and no change - so that was too ruled out. They don't believe it's Coeliac Disease, Acid Reflux or IBS. In May 2010 I saw a specialist who said to wait six months and see if it would go away - well it hasn't; it's worse.

Considering going back - anyone have any ideas/other similar experiences?


This definitely lasts for too long – no wonder the weight loss and tiredness, you’re probably not managing to take enough nutrients, obviously. I was in similar situation this summer, it was stomach ulcer after all, but they only found that out after I needed surgery to stay alive. And basically only symptom I can remember now was vomiting when there was no real reason too. From a simple meal, or even juice. Have you done gastroscopy or endoscopy? That is the only way to be sure what is going on with stomach tissue. Were you tested for Heliobacter Pylori?