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For the past three months or so I have had an abnormal period. Its either really late or really early. Each time the cramps are worse and the last time there were no cramps but a lot of pressure and back pain. I just ended my period and I now have upper stomach pains and nausea. Its not horrible but definitly not pleasant. I have been really tired - more that my body was tired but I wasn't. I have been having weird bowel movements and peeing a lot. I still have an appetite and actually more than usual. I wouldn't think im pregnant I've had my periods each month. So i don't know what it is. I'm 20 years old with no insurance, no doctor so i dont really know what to do. Thybriods and Cyst run in my family but i wouldn't think i'd have issues like those so early. Help - please :-)



I don't think its ever too early especially if it runs in the family. I was only 24 when I started having problems with cyst. It sounds like you have something going on and it could be related to the two things you mention or it may be something different. I didn't have insurance either but what I did was found a woman's clinic that would let me pay,and pay a reduce rate for an ultrasound and pelvic/pamp exam. Although you may not have insurance, I know it may be hard but you have to find a way to get youself checked even if its the emergency room.