Hey everyone,


So this past month and a half I started to have a few bad stomach cramps and aches, one night the pain was very severe although only for 10-15 seconds. I noticed my lower left rib cage was protruding more than usual and more than my right side. I know people aren't symmetrical but this was new to me and it's never been like that before. I also started to notice black specks in my stool a long with white specks here and there, and grey/clay colored stool. I had a loss of appetite and lost a few pounds too. That is when I decided to see a Doctor, she ordered a Abdominal Ultrasound and nothing showed up in the results. The symptoms were still there so we decided to do a Colonoscopy. It only showed that I have hemorrhoids so the doc said come back when I am 50. 

When I cleaned my colon for the prep the following few days I did feel better, but I feel like the symptoms are starting back up again. What can I do next? a fecal test to check for blood? A chest X-ray? I am beginning to feel my entire left rib cage and chest area expand and become a lot more sensitive. I've also attached a picture of my most recent bowel movement. If anyone has any info/advice please reach out.