Hello for the last 4 1/2 months I've been feeling pregnant. I have sore boobs, nausea, headaches and feel baby kicks.. for about 8 years since I had my middle son I've been having these weird contraction charlie horse spasms under my rib cage. It's so painful you can see the muscle tighten and loosen up after 2 minutes but I can have over 20 of these in an hour and just have a sore feeling in the area the whole day. I also have full body edema which started happening right after the birth of my last child. I also have a benign tumor on my right kidney the kidney function is ok and is not causing the edema. Ive been taking pregnancy test almost every day I feel like I'm getting addicted to it because I feel pregnant. I was assured by an obgyn that I was not they never did do an ultra sound though said they had no need to negative urine/blood.. but on New Years eve I decided what the heck let me take another one since I should make sure before I go bulge in alcohol  (I only drink occasionally) I actually got a positive it was very faint couldn't hardly see it but it was there!! I did the second one since it was a double pack and it did the same positive still faint but a little more noticeable. 48 hours later I bought another pack to confirm that I wasn't seeing things and did 2 more and again positive more clearer but still faint. Then I went a whole week just thinking wow the doctors were wrong. I had some really bad cramping brown disharge not red. I got scared did another test the cheap dollar ones and it was negative I also passed blood but only in the stool which has never happened before. I have a bicornuate uterus I am completely scared at this point to even go to another doctor.. I still feel the spasms under rib cage and the kicks.. 

Any help or advice would be great helpful.. I also have bloating and look about 3 to 4 months..