Symptoms began in late November: Pain under left rib, Pain in the side (on the left) small pain in upper back left side, loose bowels, mild indigestion, rumbling and gas

Dec 4th – blood work – the only thing off was that my lipase was very low at 7 (cut off 15)

Dec 4th – X-ray – all normal Dec 12th – CT Scan with oral/iv contrast – only showed small ovarian cysts

Dec 31st – EGD – shows irritation, small HH and gastritis Jan 13th- Fecal Fat Test ( Fecal Pancreatic Elastase (>500 normal) Cdiff GDH & Toxin A/B positive (I had Cdiff four years ago so no telling if this is new infection or colonization) Fecal Leukocyte – Negative Fecal Shiga/Ecoli – Negative Salmonell/Shigella – Negative Campylobacter - Negative

Jan 26 – Hida Scan – Normal

What are they missing? I can't figure out why I'm in so much left side pain and why my stools are so abnormal. I feel fine otherwise but the symptoms have got to go!