Hello everyone,

I have a problem that is really concerning me... I have always suffered from tummy troubles since I was a teen. But lately things have gone from bad to worse. I was diagnosed with lupus recently so maybe thats causing it?

But anyways, to my trouble. I started having diarehaa constantly a few months ago and lots of bowel pain. Like so freaking bad I would double over where I stood. Thank goodness each episode only lasts a few minutes because by the time it passes I feel exhausted and sweaty and like i want to faint.. I keep losing wieght, I can't stop.. I've dropped about 30 lbs in 6 weeks..

today I had several more pain episodes and had to go to the bathroom bad.. I try to go, but only produce scant amounts of mucousy diahreaa.. I felt like I really had to go about an hour ago and was thrilled to maybe get some relief, and had a very small kind of odd looking soft stool. very soft. but it was very thin and looked like it kind of had to move around something to come out.. sorry if this is gross or tmi.... I am constantly nauseous and this subtle pain in my bowel is kind of annoying. Feels like I'm about to have another attack but just stays at that uncomfortable stage..

has anyone ever had this before?

even more TMI so shy readers don't continue...

everytime my fiancee and I are intimate and we really get going things start to get really uncomfortable in my colon region... which is bizzare.. It almost feels like there is something spongy in there and this is the really embarrassing gross part..

my anus leaks.. not stool but more of this mucousy strange stuff..

what the heck is going on in my gut!!??

any help would be VERY appreciated, thank you.