my stomach pains started about three months ago and i fill like I'm going to puke all the time i hardly eat because the food makes me sick iv been to the doctor and obgyn multiple times and nothing seems to be wrong I'm not stressed out and I'm on birth control I've had sonograms x-rays blood work  and everything is fine or so they say i know some things wrong now I'm tired at 7 pm every day but if i go to sleep when I'm tired ill wake up at 11-12 and if i wait to sleep i find it hard to sleep but once i fall a sleep i get stabing pains in my lower right side but i had a sonogram not my appendix after my stomach hurts really bad during the day if i eat any thing i get the case of unstoppable hiccups then i start to burp with every hiccup but its not my stomach acid some times the pain is so bad it hurts to breath now my lower back is starting to hurt but i don't have keddny or galblater stones i need an answer none of the doctors have one so if you can let me know what it could be