Hey i'm 14. I am not sexually active. I have been having the following symptoms for almost a month. excruciating headaches, stomach pains, abdominal pains randomly and sometimes out of the blue it feels like my stomach is being twisted (only happened 2-3 times), when I stand my vision blacks out for a few seconds, i'm so tired all the time but I can't sleep because of all the pain I am in. When I try to lie down I can never get comfortable because of my back pains I get during the day and randomly during the night, I am up tossing and turning all night and its already 3 am. I just want to give up. I feel nausea at random times but it can last up to hours at a time. During this time if I make just a simple move I feel like i'm going to throw up, just sitting makes me feel like I need to throw up. When I get my headaches I put my hands on the back of my head and I can feel it pounding. Those can last up to a few good hours also. I feel so week most of the time. My back gets random pains sometimes lasting 10-20 mins. My chest pains can be medium to almost nothing but noticeable to me. When I lie down one either side its hard to breath, it feels like my breathing almost slows down and I put my hand over my chest to see if i'm okay every 3 minutes, sometimes I think i'm being paranoid. Sometimes my ankles and feet hurt and feel a little painful when i walk on them, i'm not overweight. Every time I try to to eat I always feel like i'm over eating and I have a hard time swallowing, I feel bloated after I eat. I also feel like i'm forgetting just random things and i can't focus as well. For the last past 5-6 days I have gotten a tingling sensation in some of my limbs it feels like its asleep. I felt it the first time and it was in my leg i don't remember which leg but it started tingling and it went on for a good 2 hours. Then it happened again a few days later but it was only for about 5 minutes. Then my fingers fell asleep for about 2-3 mins yesterday and today. And not trying to sound pervy or anything but my body is tender to the touch such as throat appendix some of my stomach etc. I think I've got most or all of my symptoms down. Whatever I have is making me have anxiety I feel like i'm going to die sometimes I may be over rating it but I am not exaggerating any of my symptoms. I'm just searching for help all this is so stressful on me I stated that I hate being 14 and its true. Who wants to spend every second of your life when no one believes you when you feel like your about to die. All I want to do is recover.