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I woke up late, went shopping then decided to eat something to make up for the meal I skipped.

I'm on break from work, so I tend to sleep in.

I started to get stomach pains like something is squeezing it and I constantly need to burp. Also, my stomach makes noises and I get nauseus bending down.

The next day, it came back but it has lasted longer than expected.

I'm just wondering if it is serious and if I should get it checked.


Two months ago I was having tremendous pain in my chest kinda stomach area. I felt sick and noticed it was shortly after eating. Have you ever paid any attention to what type of foods it happens after? Well I had went to the ER;the pain had me in a fetal postion . It was right below my sternum, not even my tummy. They did an ultra sound and found "Gallstones"!! I could'nt believe it. How? Greasy, fatty foods are the blame and thats when the attacks would happen. The pain is horrible. Tell your Doctor, and go get it checked out. Try to cut the fatty foods out, see if it helps.Good luck.