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I´m a 24 year old female and for the last 8 months I have not been feeling well at all. I was diagnosed with IBS about a year and a half ago, although i basically knew all my life i had had it. Anyway, I started taking topamax(100mg) and welbutrin (150mg) daily for migraines. The problem is I have these burping spells where I cant stop burping, the burps are tasteless, but it gets so bad that my left arm feels numb, my lips feel weird, and i feel light headed and that I cant breathe right. It makes me panicky and so nervous, because even though it happens a lot and, i guess i know its nothing serious, I always think that this is going to be the time i have a stroke or something.
I dont know if it could be a panic disorder thing or there is actually something wrong gastrointestinally with me? When it first started, I thought they were panic attacks.... then about 2 months later I found out i had amoebas (i´m living abroad in the 3rd world) so i thought when they started up again I just had a bacteria or parasite again.. so i keep going for tests but i´m clean... It just sucks because its really affecting my life now
Any opinions? :-)


Oh i also forgot to mention that when these episodes happen, i also have weird hearing effects in my left ear as well. this happens a lot though, when i have burping as well as when i dont. i dont know what it could be......... low blood pressure maybe?

Loading... having almost exactly the same thing as you...same age as u..and im overseas too.. u dont happen to get random quick sharp pains in ur head as well do u?? and when u mentioned ur it almost as if theres a big air bubble in it? im trying to get to sleep but felt like my heart stopped beating so it woke me up..of course it makes u freak out..then im getting random burping tho i havent had anything to make me ear thing as well...
did you ever figure out what was wrong???
btw...i think that i may have ibs too..cuz ive always had issues with 'pooing' since i was young..also u mentioned lips feel weird...u mean like they tingle??


Hi Girls!!! im 21 and when i was 18 i was diagnosed with gastritis (an inflammation of the stomach lining) and stomach ulcers, this was diagnosed by having an endoscopy, usually these two problems together are caused by the pylori bug-which i didnt have so the specialist was all to puzzled to why i had these issues and put it down to stress (when i have lived a perfectly happy life) but whatever made him feel his job was done.

The major symptoms i have due to these stomach disorders are little burp like things that are pretty well crossed between a burp and a hiccup-it has no taste, no acid-nothing all it does is tire me out from being so continuous, the other symptoms are discomforting stomach/chest pains, heartburn and constipation.

I have been prescribed medication that is required to be taken daily such as somac or parriett but to be honest none of it seems to make a difference with me.

The only way to minimise these problems is to seriously eat healthy, wholegrain food, stay away from anything deep fried (If i have KFC I will be constipated for days) coffee doesnt do any favours either, strangely enough tomatoes never do me harm although tomatoe based sauces do, garlic is a killer, capsicum, beetroot, onion

It varies with different people and it is unfortunate but looking at the cons and pro's of cutting out scrumptious take away it is worth it!

Whenever i get the burp/hiccups i drink a lot of water and try and stay up right! laying down just makes it worse....and sometimes if it has been happening for 20 odd minutes you dont notice but you actually start to help bring them up where if you just concentrate on your breathing and try to avoid them coming up you will find it doesnt last half the time.

sorry for the novel! Hope i have been some kind of help :-)