Hi guys i'm 17 years old female, im not sure what to do. I've been diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis which is where my immune system attacks the liver or so they say. I've been doing better with that after taking medicine, but recently I get pains EVERYDAY, once a day usually at night. I'm starting to learn my body. The doctors say i should have NO pains from this liver disease. So it must be something else, i've had a liver biopsy and multiple test rans and a few surgeries. To no avail. I have no idea what to do or where to turn, the pains usually happen after I eat. I've been told the doctors are going to give up on me on finding out whats wrong. But i can't live everyday with these pains.. I'm so young and want to experience life normally it seems like it'll never happen. I'm about to give up myself, so this is me being desperate. The pains range from anywhere from the lower abdomen up. Nothing lower though. The pains are crucial and sometimes last a hour. Usually 15 minutes or so though. I've been to the hospital so many times all they do is give me pain medicine and shake it off. They tell me I shouldn't have pains, but I just want to get healed! I'm on alot of meds these days.. I'm scheduled to go to Florida sometime soon, but it's not coming soon enough. More information.. I eat normally and healthy, I play alot of sports and am mentally and physically tough. Lately after I eat I get really bad stomach pains that lead to sharp pains in other places like my back and arms. I shake sometimes at my arms as well.. it feels as if my insides are being torn out and really hurts. Any advice would be helpful! All the doctors have given up on me.. Thanks!