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I'm 16 and for a while I've been having problems with my stomach/chest area.

I get random pains in my ribs. At first it was only the left side and then only recently it got over to the right side of my rib cage. It's like an aching, stretching sort of pain, that's usually sharp to start off with. It lasts at the longest 1 minute. These pains usually bother me every day but sometimes they go away for a couple and then come back. These pains have been bothering me for maybe 7-8 months.

The pains I haven't been paying much attention too lately, because my stomach is REALLY starting to act up. It burns like crazy an hour or two after a meal and just before i fall asleep at night. Sometimes I get heartburn. For the few months my stomach's been bothering me it hasn't let up for one single day.

I have a history of acid reflux (usually doesn't give me too much of a problem) and I've been exposed to second hand smoke nearly all my life. I'm female.

I supsect a stomach ulcer of some kind but i'm not sure.



did you ever find out what was happening to you and how to treat it? I seem to be getting the same symptoms and I am getting worried.