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I'm 14.. I weigh 104 pounds and I'm 4"10 but my stomach isn't flat.. It's fat people say I'm not fat but I am, all I wear is hoodies and I have a low matabolism so when I eat food I bloat really bad.. I work out and run but it not helping I want a flat stomach before summer.. I used to starve myself and I purge.. Can someone help me loose weight healthfully..


According to this website,

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, you have a normal or healthy weight.  I am kind of the same way though, I am around you age, 5'2" and 103.5 lbs. but my stomach isn't flat.  I have recently lost weight so it's not like I have always been like this, but just know that everyone's body is changing and growing during puberty and it isn't normal to have a super flat stomach.  Maybe try to exercise and eat whole foods, (it already sounds like you do), if you want to beat bloat cut down on carbs and salt and drink lots of water.  As far as losing weight goes you sound like you don't need to, you could possibly try to lose some stomach fat, gain muscle or tone up (note, if you gain muscle you will gain weight).  I don't know what your waist measurement is but you could aim for anywhere from 28" to 24", I am at 26" right now, but I would like to be 25". A way to find out what measurement you want is to suck in your gut to the point where you think it looks good and measure that.  Sorry I am kind of rambling, hope I helped!