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Hello. I am 40 years old 5'4" tall and 180Lb .I quit smoking finally 9 month ago after 22 years of smoking.I gain 30lb and it's just killing me.I can't take my appetite under control- dont know why...
Any help would be great


Hi there, it's mostly a matter of self-control and discipline unfortunately. When you quit smoking, you gained your appetite again. The best thing I can recommend is a lot of high fiber foods, because those fill you up! Do you have any ideas on those?


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Hi Kalinina.

First of all - congrats on quitting smoking! This is a huge step!

It is really not uncommon that people gain weight after smoking. I did too. Instead of eating breakfast, I used to light a cigarette, and when I was feeling hungry, many times cigarettes were my snack. So, when I quit, I substituted cigarettes with food, and it was only natural to gain weight.

The only way to lose the weight that you have gained is to start moving. I assume you are not regular with exercising. It might be a big deal to start running all of a sudden, but do not consider this as a problem. Start with small steps. For example, start with fast walking: for example at least 30 minutes a day. If that feels boring, take a friend with you, or put headphones on and your favourite music and go walking.

If you are drinking sodas and juices, it is also important to substitute them with water. There are hidden calories and sugar in those drinks and there is no need to consume them...

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I suggest whole grain mussli with banana - at least that's my favourite breakfast :-)

Also, avoid deep fried food, and instead of 3 or 2 big meals eat 5 small meals - this should also help.

Take small steps, and remember that moderate exercise is inevitable if you want to lose weight and live a healthy life.

Good luck & you know where to find me, if you need to talk.