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Hi guys,


I have been trying to quit smoking since the past 4 months. I smoke atleast 20 cigarettes a day. The maximum that I have been without smoking is 1 week, but after that the urge gets unbearable. I am aware about champix, but I am afraid to try it due to the side effects. Please help guys.


I stopped smoking by cutting back one cigarette each day.  Pretty soon I was down to three..then two..then one..then zero!  I also chewed gum in between smoking.  Stopping cold turkey is much harder when it involves smoking.  It's really not like any other addiction.  You have to ween off cigarettes.  I wouldn't try to use any synthetic drugs.  You have to really stop smoking on your own will.  However,  when you cut back one cigarette a day, your withdrawal won't be as severe and you won't feel like you're being deprived.  It will give your body a chance to get used to less and less nicotine little by little.  In addition, when I did this, I didn't gain any weight.  I think where people get into trouble is when they try to stop cold turkey, or they weren't eating enough to begin with.  But cutting back slowly will also allow your metabolism to adjust to not burning those extra 150 to 250 calories a day by smoking.   Even if you cut back one cigarette every two days is still OK.  You can do it.  Just be strong.


Congratulations on wanting to stop smoking by the way.  Your body will love you, trust me.



I have been successful, not smoked a single cigg. since my post! I just stopped it! Not even one! From my experience, all you have to do is:
1. Avoid friends who smoke.
2. Dont go near anything that reminds you gor a cigg.
3. Get a hobby.
4. Get yourself engrossed in something when you get the urge to smoke.
5. Also stop going to Quit smoking forums! Browsing through this forum is giving me an urge but I will control it :)