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I had a small black scab like thing on my skin for months. I never remember getting a scratch or puncture in this spot (it was on my breast) and it never healed. Today I picked at it and decided to remove it. It was almost splinter like in that it was embedded in my skin. As I picked it off with tweezers there was a white fiber like material under it, both attached to the black part and left in my skin after I pulled the black part off. The white part seemed pretty long and went far into my skin, maybe 1/3 of an inch. Does anyone know what this could be?


Hi Amy,

Do you still have the scab?  I'd like you to bring it to your doctor and show him/her the scab and the spot on your body where you found it.  While the chances are slight it could be a form of skin cancer.

It could also just be an infected follicle but without an exam we can't tell.

Good luck.